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My Story

I was born the son of a farmer and raised in a small town in Texas. I knew at an early age I was destined to leave what I called home, the farming community, and become greater than the generations before me. My mother fostered my artistic talents with art projects and introduced me to new mediums. She taught me to believe in myself and know that what makes art unique is that every artist is great in their own way.

In school I often drew on tests and homework assignments, creating grief from the teachers. In my senior year my high school commissioned me to redesign their official seal. My work was met with great appreciation and admiration from the faculty and school administration. Later on in the school year I was counseled by our career advisor for not putting in a college application to an art school. To be honest, I didn’t know how to direct my love for art and culture into a career, and then she introduced me to graphic design.

The price of formal education is very high, so I joined the military and took the first ticket out of town. During my time as a Marine I lived a life of travel that took me to California, North Carolina, Japan, back to North Carolina, and finally ended up here in California. This exposure to travel opened my eyes to the beauty of art and culture around the world.

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I have learned life is a series of lessons taught through experience. I believe everyone can teach you something, and that true wisdom is knowing not when to speak but when to listen.

2012 / Sept - 2015 / Sept

Art Institute of California, San Diego

Bachelor of Science, Advertising

As I transitioned out of the military, I found myself a full time student at the Art Institute where I grew many connections and friendships. During my time as a student, I was an active participant in the schools AD Club, where I served as a media managing officer.

2014 / Jul- 2014 / Dec

Magnetic Creative

Intern (Jun - Dec 2014)
Traffic Manager - Jun 2014
Market Researcher - Jun 2014
Graphic Designer - July - Dec 2014

During my time with Magnetic I studied under the creative director David Carrillo. He taught me many things about the industry, especially about steep deadlines and the expectation of great commitment in our work. I was fortunate enough to see first hand clients work progress from concept to finished product. I learned the importance of maintaining good communication with the Project Managers, as well as the team.

2002 / Dec - 2012 / Apr

United States Marine Corps

Helicopter Mechanic - Jan 2002 -10
Event Coordinator - Jan 2010 -12

I joined the Marine Corps with high aspirations to serve my country to the best of my ability. I proudly served for 10 years, until one fateful day I was injured when on the job. This would later lead to my medical discharge and a chance to follow my dreams of working in the advertising community.

Chris is an outstanding leader, works well with others and is not afraid to learn something new. He has the ability to over come obstacles and get the job done.

SSgt John Giles

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