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  • Buy a lady a drink

    Mar 30, 2015

by Chris



“Buy a lady a drink” is often associated with the romantic banter between the opposite sex at a bar or cocktail party. This phrase isn’t usually associated with changing someones opinion on social matters. Stella Artois has come together with water.org to bring to light something many in developed countries take for granted: running tap water. The ads featured in this article feature affected women and their journey to collect water.  The ads further relate their struggles to our everyday lives in developed countries.  Stella Artois empowers the consumer to personally make a change in those women’s lives by purchasing a limited edition chalice. The ad states that each chalice sold equates to five years drinking water for one woman in the corresponding developing country. This campaign builds a relationship with the customers by allowing them to work in cooperation with Stella Artois to make a change.

Social responsibility is a growing concern among many consumers, and this campaign fulfills that need. As advertisings continue to evolve to meet the needs of a social responsible consumer, you can expect these type of campaigns to become more popular.  Social responsibility is the most effective tool of change we as consumers have, and companies like Stella Artois have honed in on this tastefully and effectively. Even as we speak these chalices are becoming a treasured keepsake, with increased exclusivity due to the low production numbers. Stella Artois states repeatedly that they cannot keep enough in stock to meet the demands this campaign has generated.

What allowed this campaign to spread so easily through social media was the way the advertisements on the website were formatted. Each ad had a link to your favorite social media outlet with a prefabricated message you could share. The user would just click the like button or the share button and the ad would auto populate to their media of choice. This makes the message super easy for some to share and super easy for Stella Artois to maintain a consistent tone for the campaign. The Simple text on a high definition picture allows the ads to appear more genuine and organic. The Gifs you can share where also done in a way that strikes a cord on your emotions while you watch these women walk on their journey to collect water for their families.

I often find myself annoyed or insulted by emotion driven ads. However,  these where created in a way that it appears they don’t want pity, but hope for change. That makes a big difference in a society of social driven consumerism. We know money can’t fix the problem but the campaign allows us to highlight the issues and offer aid for change.

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