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  • Shoes take a stand

    Apr 24, 2015

by Chris


My shoes are “Vegan”.  No, really they are.  What does this mean? It means that companies are starting to create benefits for their product they previously overlooked. Take Merrell for example.  They have a wide variety of shoes ranging from mountaineering to barefoot running shoes.  With the market flooded with companies claiming to be the best, Merrell takes a different approach with their new vegan line.  Vegan means that the shoes contain no animal byproduct aka leather.  This seems silly since many shoe companies are vegan but what makes this a smart move is their target market.  The psychographic of a Merrell customer is that they are by nature cautious of the environment and favorable to a progressive lifestyle.  They are the type of runner that will wear these brightly colored shoes at an event and when asked about the shoes, relish to divulge what exactly vegan shoes are.  Inventing new features is nothing new, but what makes this step unique is that this shows us where we are as a society of consumers looking for benefits that reflect the lifestyle we ourselves believe in.

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