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    May 21, 2015

by Chris



Recently, I have noticed technology breathing life into advertisements, enabling them to become more popular for how it delivers a message than what message is being delivered. These ads are not overly great in design but the way they are delivered is fast becoming in itself a new realm of advertising.

In April AdWeek introduced us to a  billboard built by Ogilvy & Mather for Coke Zero that dispenses 20oz Coke Zeros to bystanders attending games at River State Park in Indianapolis. The article produced much media buzz for the way it brought creativity to life, and interacted with its spectators. The billboard received much publicity across all media, but what surprised me was that much of the media were written reports from news sources. This is fast becoming a growing media to advertise through.

The trend continues as Advertising Age reports Chevrolet’s advertising agency Commonwealth/McCann has taken the next step in print media by producing a digital video print ad. The buzz generated by this is invaluable because it reaches far more than the intended target market, the story carries itself in the way it advertises. Making the media impressions the ad receives almost impossible to count. The “vehicle” carries the popularity and the message is secondary.

When you physically interact with your audience they are more likely to remember and share their experiences, good or bad. Couple this with the popularity these ads generate and you have a formula for free publicity that doubles as sharable media impressions. Although expensive these ads more than pay for their expense in the attention they gather in all media faucets. These over the top ads are becoming more accepted by companies knowing that to stand out in these media driven times you have to generate your own buzz.

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