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    Jun 16, 2015

by Chris


Channel NFL

What if you had an application that allowed you to watch your favorite NFL team on any platform anywhere in the world? You could be in San Diego and watch the Cowboys beat the eagles. Well that day may soon be upon us as as Yahoo announces it was given permission to live stream an NFL game.

This is shocking when you consider the strong hold media giants have on this production, and the large amount of money spent for each game is being essentially given away for free. NFL spokesmen Alex Riethmiller told Adweek.”With over a billion people visiting their properties on a monthly basis, they have an extensive reach, especially on a global scale. With a game that starts early on the East Coast, it should draw a big audience in Europe and Asia, and Yahoo will be able to promote this game heavily to those audiences.”

The motion is set, and I believe this is the first step in creating a media channel for the NFL that will allow you to bypass traditional media channels. Also pay attention to the language of the spokes men when he speaks of the NFL game being watch around the world. Could this be an early precursor to a global NFL game? Only time can tell, but pay attention to the experiment as it could lead us to what we all want an online NFL channel that actually streams live games.

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