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    Jul 24, 2015

by Chris


In its purest form, the void of life is laying in my hand. My hope, in ignorance, was that it just needed time to wake up, but this thought was childish. My friend, my entertainment, my phone and laptop, just met the end of their digital lifespan. Through some fluke my pack ended up in the water fountain at Balboa. Though some can cope and thrive in the absence of their personal technology, I cannot. I patiently called my wireless provider but was informed that a replacement was going to take at least 72 business hours (more like 72 years), and to add insult to injury, the warranty on my laptop was expired by less than a month. That day my life suddenly changed.

Who will keep me on schedule?

I was managed by day planning applications like Apple and Google Calendar. Siri usually woke me up on time and gave me traffic updates so I could plan accordingly but the next day, my reliance on Siri was brought to light when I found myself 30 mins behind schedule for a class in which professionalism points would be taken away as time passed the 8 o clock deadline. I suddenly found myself in a panic thinking of how it is we manage without automatic alarm clocks and automatic reminders. Would I have to resort to pen and paper to plot my time lines? Oh God, please no.

How will I keep in touch?

Time passed slowly and my day seemed to age all to quietly. Then, as I looked at my notes scribbled on paper and remembered I had a lunch date with friends. As I left according to the time of my watch, I remembered that my watch was analog and was probably set for winter time (something that never occurred to me since Siri adapted automatically). It didn’t matter now, I was already late again. As I arrived, Natalie was upset that I hadn’t accepted her group invitation to Joshua Tree via Facebook, and not to mention Amber was also upset for not consoling her for a recent status update on her break up with Susan. How could I have known? A resounding, “It’s 2015, how could you not have known?” with all the social webbing surrounding our technological interactions.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)!!!

Day three was the worst as I found out Amber scored burning man tickets from work and sent out a “mass text” to all of her friends who needed passes. Needless to say, I won’t be joining in fun this year, all because Siri died and took my laptop with her. The pain of FOMO was too much to bear as I frantically began to piece together a mental lists of friends who owed me one. Finally I lost it, the end was here, life lessons were learned and punishments were handed out. As soon as my new Phone gets here tomorrow, my first order of business will be to write down on paper all the numbers and account information that is dire to me. Secondly, I will purchase the extended warranty for my new laptop, and lastly I will purchase a stand alone alarm clock complete with automatic time adjuster for the seasons.

My story isn’t unique to just me or the friends in my immediate circle. It is characteristic of our modern reliance on technology. I have taken the steps to ward off the next technological mishap in my life. The question here is are you the kind of person that hears a great story and laughs it off, or the kind that takes heed to the subtle warnings of a similar situation and are better from it?

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