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    Jul 01, 2015

by Chris


Grabbing your social attention

Facebook enables Gif’s, I know right this could get crazy right. But the truth is only partially correct, for brand pages the image would have to be shown from a separate page off site. Why do you think this is, allow me to take a stab at it. The power of a moving image is great, and the attention it commands is proven time and time again. This kind of power should be controlled,  especially on a social media website full of personalities that can barely stand the fact Facebook allows ads’ all together. In doing this Facebook is hoping to preserve the social feel of their site.

Can Gif’s really change the way we interact with friends? I believe it can, who in modern times has the attention span to watch a complete video or click on a video. The Gif has an advantage over the simple meme, in that not only can you have letters but also a moving image. With the multitude of gifs sources and generators we can expect like memes they will be recycled and repurposed. Gifs may be easy to share but I suspect very few have the time or the software to create them, but lets hope that doesn’t stop the onslaught of crazy animated pixels.

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