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    Aug 08, 2015

by Chris


Brand me

Can a brand become your identity, Yes but if only by choice. If I where to say to you I just have to have the newest I-Phone as soon as it comes out, you would quickly associate this with someone you know. Think of someone who always is dressed in high fashion, and when you invite them for lunch they show up in sweats…(shocking). I believe this is something we need to consider when we create a style guide. We need to consider what popular name will align themselves with your brand and not compromise your brand to their will.


Let me give you an example, Yoko Ono . Since 1979 she made the Porsche Design P847 a part of her Iconic appearance. Does this damage the brand? It depends on your target market, Do they read Rolling Stone are they artistic do they listen to the Beetles? Well if your Porsche then the answer might be kinda. The fact that she carries a set following that may expand the brands awareness carries with it a great weight. So it came as no surprise to me to see the brand update the style at their debut in the fall 2015 fashion show. Remember that every segment of your target market is equally important. They may not net direct car sales but to Porsche they offer a brand accepting of a particular lifestyle which in its heart is important.

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