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  • Caffeine, is okay…

    Aug 01, 2015

by Chris


The scent of coffee is enough to invigorate the emotions of a brisk start to a busy day. To many, this has become an end all answer to  the energetic drain of daily work. To truly understand the way the body metabolizes sustenance to energy it helps to think of your stomach like a fire. Like many fires, you often need an accelerant and fuel. Think of caffeine like the accelerant that ignites the chemicals in your stomach to produce energy.

Now imagine that once the fire has started, it has nothing of value to burn so it begins to die down as rapidly as it started. So, feeling the drain of the daily grind, you opt to add more accelerant (caffeine) to the flame, but, like many drugs, the body tends to built up a natural tolerance, requiring more and more caffeine to start your drive.

Now retrace our steps and lets say instead of more accelerant that has a short life span, we opt for the longer fuel natural sugars can provide. The natural sugar will burn longer without the sickening side effect of too much caffeine.

Here are Some Alternatives:

Frozen berries make a good fuel filled snack that is both packed with antioxidants and refreshing, although their frozen state doesn’t make them easy for outdoors adventures. IMG_2148
Granola is another easy alternative.  It is dry and stores well in a container. The only drawback is that at times granola can seem dry and undesirable without milk or yogurt (again, items that don’t travel well).IMG_2139
Living the holistic lifestyle is difficult, but there are organic companies that seek to improve your lifestyle with a convenient alternative. Dr. Bronner’s Magical All in One is one company that is expanding their product line to now include all natural energy bars that stay true to your life’s special needs. They understand that although resourceful, you cannot do everything all the time and they are there to make your life a little easier.  Check out their long line of holistic products.


Living an organic lifestyle isn’t easy, but in the end, it is the only lifestyle right for you and your loved ones. Stay plugged in here and follow my blog for the latest trends on what is current in the holistic community.

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