Passionate Designer



I have learned life is a series of lessons taught through experience. I believe everyone can teach you something, and that true wisdom is knowing not when to speak but when to listen.

2012 / Sept - 2015 / Sept

Art Institute of California, San Diego

Bachelor of Science, Advertising

As I transitioned out of the military, I found myself a full time student at the Art Institute where I grew many connections and friendships. During my time as a student, I was an active participant in the schools AD Club, where I served as a media managing officer.

2014 / Jul- 2014 / Dec

Magnetic Creative

Intern (Jun - Dec 2014)
Traffic Manager - Jun 2014
Market Researcher - Jun 2014
Graphic Designer - July - Dec 2014

During my time with Magnetic I studied under the creative director David Carrillo. He taught me many things about the industry, especially about steep deadlines and the expectation of great commitment in our work. I was fortunate enough to see first hand clients work progress from concept to finished product. I learned the importance of maintaining good communication with the Project Managers, as well as the team.

2002 / Dec - 2012 / Apr

United States Marine Corps

Helicopter Mechanic - Jan 2002 -10
Event Coordinator - Jan 2010 -12

I joined the Marine Corps with high aspirations to serve my country to the best of my ability. I proudly served for 10 years, until one fateful day I was injured when on the job. This would later lead to my medical discharge and a chance to follow my dreams of working in the advertising community.